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Here you can select the Circle Calculator to help you study properties of circular and ellipsoid shapes. Every Circle Calculator can be configured and customized to examine circles and ellipses of various sizes. These calculators can be used both on your mobile device as well as on your computer. Every Circle Calculator is free and easy to use.

Every Circle Calculator is a great resource for someone looking to study circles and ellipsoids.

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Circle Area Calculator
This Circle Calculator will help you find the area of a circle. This Circle Calculator takes a radius and returns the area of a circle with that radius.

Ellipse Calculator
This Circle Calculator will help you to find the area of an ellipse.
This Ellipse Calculator takes a semi major axis and a semi minor axis and then returns the corresponding area of that ellipse.

Sector Area Calculator
This Cirlce Calculator will help you to find the area of a sector. This Sector Calculator takes an angle and a radius then returns the area of the circle sector corresponding to those values.